Bring back the edit button for Inserts and Sends and many mo

Problem: The new mix console does not have the [BYPASS] for Inserts, Sends, Eq. This really slows workflow down for many reasons.
Solution: Make the other buttons i.e [Mute, Solo, Edit, Listen] smaller so there is space for what the old Nuendo Mixers had to offer. This would also allow users to see the status of their channel settings, like in old Nuendo

Problem: In old Nuendo, when you open the channel, you could press “S” and it would solo the track. Now, you have to click in the Channel window’s fader to get it to function
Solution: Allow it to solo.

Problem: When working in the ‘channel’ window, it takes a long time to change a send from ‘post’ to ‘pre’.
Solution: Bring back the ‘e’ button along with the post and pre button. Also, bring back the cascading functionality of selecting plugins. No one wants to keep hitting the [+] to view their plugins.

Problem: Workspace in Mix Console could be better utilized.
Solution: Bring back the side buttons from the mixer in old Nuendo. This would get rid of the titles of “Routing, Inserts, Strip…” which is only taking up more space. Make some distinctive colors for the buttons on the side. This would allow people to quickly locate the appearances they want to see. Also, make the buttons smaller. There is no reason why the buttons for Mute, Solo, Edit, and Listen need to be so big. That goes for the whole mix console.

Problem: In Mix Console, when deselecting the track list on the left, the mixer resizing feature does a terrible job filling that space with channels, often leaving a giant empty space.

Problem: External Instruments does not work with Instrument Tracks. In Nuendo 5, you did not have to go to VST instruments, add a instrument, and open a Midi track.
Solution: Look at the coding for N5 and implement it.

Problem: Colorize Tracks does not work properly when adding tracks. You have to manually add a color.
Solution: I don’t know. Just fix it.