Bring Channel and Inspector Zones to the Key Editor OR bring Key Editor to the Project View

This seems like the logical next step with the recent inclusion of the Range Tool and expansion of multi-part editing in the Key Editor.

The lower zone editor is fine and dandy for minor edits, but I predict there would be a massive increase in focus and workflow speed from having a dedicated Key Editor view (instead of a separate window, with the option to pop out) that replaces the Project grid (so the Transport Bar is preserved at the bottom) with full access to your tracks and routing.

I imagine keeping the lower zone in this new view would be welcome as well, with access to the MixConsole and Chord Pads, at minimum, and for extra credit a new home for the expression map area, with functional articulation switching buttons. I would be curious to hear others’ thoughts on this.

I would expand your idea: let the users create their own zones realtivley freely. Then let them chose what they want to see inside each zone.

Steinberg have done it in Halion 7 already, many other software apps are designed like this. It seems inevitable to me that this is the way to go.

Yes, that is a way it can go, although I personally find the current implementation in Halion a bit clunky.