Bring cursor to pointer (like in pro tools)

I would love to have a function that when I click on the upper part of a track, it brings the cursor to where my pointer is instead of always going back to the ruler to set the cursor. Please make a feature like that in Cubase 9!

It’s annoying to always have to click in the ruler to set the cursor somewhere.

I’m not so sure about this request. Certainly in the key editor (piano roll view) I would not want the cursor changing ever time I clicked on an event. Likewise when editing tempo events in the tempo view. Likewise when editing automation points. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I would find it intrusive it this were the default behavior.

what I actually want is an on off button in the preferences or something … kind of like “cursor goes back to origin on stop” option. When it’s on you can reposition the cursor in a less annoying way than going back to the ruler and when it’s off it’s just like it is right now.




Edit: You can even just hold down 2+L and then click on the Waveform to bring the courser to the pointer.

If you are hovering over a waveform and want to locate exactly there with out moving the mouse–>
Press “2 → Mouse Click → L → 1”
2 = Range Selection Tool
Mouse Click = To set the selection range selection start at that position
L = Locate Selection Start
1 = Get back to most common Selection tool


Nice… Now, who’s the clever clogs who can assign all this to one key…? :wink: Can it be done…?


Nice… Now, who’s the clever clogs who can assign all this to one key…? > :wink: > Can it be done…?

Ha! my thoughts too!

Ohh me me me…
Well basically you just need to hold down one key which is “L”. But you have to select the Range Selection tool before with “2”.


Ok young Jedi… so close…! but, as they say, still not quite the cigar… :slight_smile:

Award yourself a weekend off, you have shown much initiative. And prepare for further training starting Monday - you’ll need it, as us elders discuss your promotion to squadron leader…

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