bring it back!

please please please!!!
bring back to volume control in the file manager


And bring back the audition window where you could jump around to different times in the file.

Plus, I only see a play/stop button. After I hit play and then hit stop it just goes and plays the file from beginning again and doesn’t stop.
Also, dragging the audio into my project freezes C10 on win7 and win10.


Must have been a mistake, there’s no logical reason in the least to remove this function.


Please edit your title otherwise this will go unnoticed. First thought I had this was about either the colour tool, or right click menu of which there are already plenty of threads about.

  • 10000 and also bring it back the option to scroll in the audio preview time

Here we are again, first paying then begging. I get a feeling that somebody must be enjoying this. Otherwise why?!?


There is a small volume control fader on the top left at mediabay, which helps out…