Bring mixer functions into project window

I hardly use the mixer when producing. Only for mixing (Duh), which is only at the end of a project. There are so many functions and workflow enhancements in the mixer though that can easily be brought into the project window. This will mean a massiv workflow enhancement. It seems like function to group tracks into new buss for instance have just been forgotten to implement in the project window where they are equally useful,

While you can’t do everything at least 75% of what can be done in the mixer can also be done in a track’s Inspector (and if you click Edit Channel even more). So you might want to be be pretty specific about the functions you’d like to see. General requests that are not explicit in what’s being asked for rarely (if ever) get implemented. :wink:

Thanks mate, I will make a complete list and post here :slight_smile: thanks for the advise

Normally I’d agree… and yes, it is useful to have a list. But on this occasion, Steinberg really do need to listen. The Mixer and Project page should simply be two views of the same project — different things in view, but IDENTICAL functionality available via menus, right-click etc AS STANDARD. You can link track selection. You should be able to link EVERYTHING else. In fact, that should, in theory, be the most efficient way to code this stuff. (As it is, it often feels like two completely different DAWs running the same project!)

So +1,000,000 to the OP’s request!

Thanks mate.
I ended up adding a new post for this, to make sure the title was clear and understandable
Feel free to push it up :slight_smile: