Bring systems onto one page

I am trying to bring the 2 bars of PAGE 2 into page 1. I am trying to use the FRAME BREAK option but I probably using it wrongly (like the CREATE PAGE in Sibelius).

Does anyone know a quick wat of moving systems / staves around pages in ENGRAVING?

Thanks in advance!

I think the best choice for this layout is to reduce the staff size (space size) slightly in Layout Options, since your horizontal and vertical spacing already look reasonable. The default rastral 3 is a bit unnecessarily large for a pianist.


Thanks mark. This not really for a pianist to be performed though, is more for me to study.

Great suggestion though, will try that…but do you know if there is a way to force the stave onto the first page (as there is in Sibelius)?

Yes there is – see here: Making selections into frames

Be aware that manually dragging staves around in Engrave mode will never prompt Dorico to recalculate and move a system back/forwards a page.

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Great - thanks a lot Lillie!

I’d agree with Mark, that if you reduce the staff size, then you won’t have to force anything!

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But that is EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Force the systems without reducing the size, but thanks anyway!

The problem with forcing a frame is that you can easily get collisions. I know it describes what you want to do, but it also overrides Dorico’s excellent spacing features.

Sometimes reducing the note spacing rule is also very effective, although in this case there aren’t many long notes where that would save much space.

Indeed! Thanks for the suggestion, I think I have got both options open now :slight_smile: