Bring the 32bit bridge back !

I mean… it don’t work fine, ok. But why remove it ? It allows us to open old projects. Or update old plugs like Quadrafuzz, reverb A and Q to 32 bit ! :slight_smile: With Jbridge, those old plugs are rejected because “this plug in needs cubase sx, nuendo, etc”.

If you want to open old projects that use 32 bit plugins, please download Cubase 8.5 and use it to replace the old plugins with new 64 bit ones, which will allow you to finish your projects in newer versions of Cubase.

Download Cubase Pro 8.5

Download Cubase Artist 8.5

Download Cubase Elements 8 / Cubase AI 8 / Cubase LE 8

Only allow the installer to install Cubase, or else the outdated Cubase 8.5 content will replace the current content!

I’m locking this thread since there’s already many other threads on the subject.