Bring the iPad "Recent Projects | On My iPad | iCloud Drive" over to desktop / vis-a-vis Nuendo

I’m a big fan off the new “Recent Projects | On My iPad | iCloud Drive” buttons on the iPad Hub - maybe it’s already planned or done or decided against but I’d vote to bring that over to the desktop. On PC you may not have iCloud installed so you’d need to decide what to do there.

tl/dr Usability deep dive

Small feature but a nice one, I’m a big fan of favorites folders. FWIW I think Nuendo has the best I’ve ever seen in any app

You can see what’s new at a glance with no clicking around and changing modes. A small row of extras along the bottom of that (Manuals, forums etc). Then on the right, down to business, are you files, and so usefully is along the top a list of configurable folder favorites.

Hands down the best approach - no mode switching. In Dorico Hub “Open Recent, Create New and Learn”, the first two are two sides of the same coin, and the last is orthogonal, yet they’re all together as if equal.

Open recent - that takes up as much real estate as the other two, but it’s just a silly scroll box, of which 99% I’m just grabbing the top three. Better would be to combine that with create new. The red X is basically wasted space

Switching to Create new - this is a nice interface, but the Open or Import is still there. Good to have, but still redundant

Excuse the poor photoshopping, I don’t have my art tools on this computer but those two could easily be combined in some way, like putting it at the bottom.

This is cleaner and reduces the cognitive load.

2 cents …


Thanks for the feedback, but… I don’t think we’ll be following your suggestions in this area.