Bring to Front and Project Page

I’ve been using Cubase a couple of years now and haven’t found answers to these questions. I suspect there aren’t any but just thought I’d ask here and see if anyone can help…

  1. Is there any key command to bring a specific window to front instead of using the keyboard shortcut to open it?

Example - I have a mixer open but it’s now hiding behind the key editor. I just want to bring that window to top with a handy keyboard shortcut but if I use F3 to open the mixer it will first close the mixer and then I need to use F3 again to open it.

Screensets kind of work but reset the whole screen each time (e.g. track heights etc.) so it’s also not perfect.

  1. Is there any key command to return focus to the project window? This would be useful in macros to make sure the correct window is the target of any future key commands.


Not for #1.

For #2 the key command is Project>Bring to Front.

You don’t say if you are on PC or Mac, but on Mac you can use the Key command for “Mission Control”, which will “tile” all your open windows (that aren’t already set to “Always On Top”), then just click on the one that you want foremost.

I don’t understand why the project window is treated separately…
I use an external sample library, and it always hides behind it even when I maximize the project window on my dual screen monitors.

Thanks Steve - not sure how I missed that!

I find Cubase’s windows handling very strange - especially in C8. My screensets seem to get corrupted and can’t remember window positions so opens them on monitor 1 regardless of the saved position (yes, I’m up to date and yes, I’ve tried trashing preferences) - which is why I’m investigating other ways to do the same thing.

Fingers crossed for the next release.


PS: on a PC - should have mentioned that previously.

The closest work-around I can find is using Ctr+Tab (Windows key command) and hitting it multiple times until the desired window comes up. But that is way far from perfect since doing that won’t bring up certain windows such as focus a VSTI.