Bringing back a MIDI track after Audio Rendering?

This was brought up a few years ago in the Cubase 10 release. I have searched for an answer and have not found it yet.

I rendered a MIDI track into an audio file, and now want to bring the MIDI track back and actually hear it. It will not respond or play the MIDI track highlighted in reverse white-block. So gents, how is this done with Cubase 12 Pro?


Sounds like your events are muted.

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Perfect! Got it now. Working. Thank you!!!

When you use Render In Place there are several options on what to do with the source Track once the Render is completed. This ranges from Disabling and Hiding the Track to doing nothing at all. These settings will determine what needs to happen to return the Track to its pre-rendered state. But it all can be easily undone.