Bringing Channel Settings screen to the forefront


When I have 3 or 4 VST pluggins on screen and I click the channel settings , it doesn’t come to the forefront. Any tips on how to correct that? I’ve looked through the preferences, the manual, and forum and can’t find an answer.

Thx for any help


Yea also focus on mixer and project windows,that’s my only problem designing my iPad key command app

I had a related problem:

If you check the replies, lordExtra had a good solution.
I went further and found a way to assign a key command to bring any window of any app to the front, using AutoHotKey for Windows. (Don’t know if there’s something similar for OSX).
You have to learn a bit about how AHK works. Also, if you use IC Pro for iPad, it won’t work, since the key commands are global.

Here’s my script:
SetTitleMatchMode 2

IfWinExist Cubase Pro Project
WinActivate, Cubase Pro Project

You can assign any key to any window. What’s nice about it too, is you can place the windows on different virtual desktops. The OS will jump to the right desktop to show the desired window.

When I tried using the internal key command in Cubase: “Project->Bring to front”, I’d get weird behavior, with windows being activated randomly.
Now, even if I’m in another app (RDP, VE Pro…), pressing F16 will bring me to the project window immediately. Really great tool.