Broadcast standards and the Loudness Meter

Can someone put into layman’s terms where my audio levels need to be for US and European television broadcasting?

More specifically, When I look at the Wavelab Loudness Meter, where should it be to be compliant.

I’m sure the AES has some white papers on the subject, but that gets a little over my head sometimes.


Hi Jay …

This is not a direct answer to your question but my humble experience is that when you receive these jobs, you almost always get a list of ‘deliverables’ … setting out exactly what you are required to deliver in terms of level, format etc. I you don’t, it can be a very good idea to ‘ask’.

It is not always safe to assume that the delivery spec will be what you expect it to be. There might well be a ‘broadcast standard’ but it does not necessarily follow that this is what you will be required to deliver to the broadcaster/network.

Here is a basic overview:

I hope this helps.

Thanks, that will be a huge help!