‘Broken’ bar number style

Hey there!
When you break a bar using a System/Frame Break, Dorico writes the number of the bar in brackets , but could it be possible either to show it inside parentheses () or even further: to hide the broken bar number and show it on the next bar (as seen in some G. Henle editions, as attached, for example).

(BTW I know it can be achieved as a simple workaround by hiding manually the broken one and adding a Bar number change to the next bar with its corresponding bar number.)


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make a note of this for possible future implementation.

Thank you so much, Daniel!! :smiley:

I’d also like the option to have these bar numbers in parentheses, and I’ll just add that Gould on p.490 espouses this. Bar numbers are of course most commonly in italic and I don’t think italicized square brackets ever look good.