Broken CC121 - out of warranty

I recently purchased a CC121 controller second hand. Initially I tried it and it it was working when connected directly to my computer. It seems that it stopped working after I connected it to my Mac Book Pro through a D-Link USB hub which was connected to the mains. I received an error message from OSX telling me that “A device is drawing too much current” or something to that effect. Since that happened, when I connect the device directly to the computer, no LEDs light up. I have tried it on several computers, Mac and Windows and with several USB cables and different ports. Always the same - no sign of life. It’s like it’s not receiving power from the USB.

I think this USB hub has also killed my CME MKEY controller. Since it worked the first time I used it, I can’t complain that the seller sold me a defective unit. It’s very annoying.

I have contacted steinberg support who told me I should ask in Hamburg, but I can’t get through to them (or speak german).

Does anyone know someone in the UK who could fix a device like this?


oli larkin

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The Audio service guys speak English …