Broken Cubase dongle and missing license!?!?

I know this isn’t strictly the right place to post this, but for some reason, probably due to my license issues I can’t post in the Cubase 4 and 5 forum.

My soft elicenser for Cubase Studio is completely broken. Shell broke off, was still in tact until the actual computery bit (sorry I don’t know the technical term :stuck_out_tongue:) of it snapped off the USB bit that goes into the computer. I never registered it on MySteinberg until just now as luckily the serial number can still be viewed in the eLicenser Control Center. Seeing as it is now registered there, will Cubase be able to send me a new soft elicenser and transfer my license? I have read that this is possible, however there is one major flaw…

After registering my elicenser in MySteinberg it is telling me there are no licenses registered on it!! This is impossible as I have been using it to run Cubase for the last year.

If anyone has any suggestions over what I should do next I would be very grateful. I think I’m screwed, but I’m hoping not as I REALLY do not want to have to buy Cubase again.


Contact support, plead your case.

Have ready:
e-licenser number (from e-licenser control center, the same number you registered)
Any license papers (with activation codes)
A new USB e-licenser (you’re gonna have to buy one)
DO NOT call it a “soft e-licenser”. This will confuse the issue. It’s a “USB e-licenser”

Registering at mySteinberg adds licenses to that database only AFTER you register the dongle.

Oh right I see. Ok I will give it a go… No idea where my activation code is now!!! Will have to have a big search. Thanks for your help!