BROKEN Dongle Cubase 4

My wife has put my dongle through whe washing machine and it wont work

i originally purchased Cubase 4 in 2007 and after about a yr my studio got broken into and they feckers stole my dongle… not ahappy bunny and could not afford to replace the software becaus eat that time dongle lost software is rendered useless!!!

3yrs later i managed to save the money to buy another copy of cubase 4 again and finally got my head around the software and started recording songs and was happy to be reunited with Cubase again…

How ever last week i put my trousers on the floor NEXT to the bed .not in the wash basket or anywhere near a washing machine and my wife took it upon herself to put then in the washer without checking the pockets…
dongle 2 now not working … proper gutted!!!
The question i have is …
Can i buy a replacement dongle or will i have to buy a 3rd copy of cubase to access my future No1 album???

any help would be greatful.

You need to contact Steinberg support, for them to transfer the license for you from the broken to the new dongle (which you´ll have to buy).

have done alreasdy but no reply ;(

Then contact them once again…

We have received the mail and it’s taken care of.

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