Broken dongle

I have broken my dongle and asked a Steinberg Zero Downtime. It doesnt work without a dongle.
So I cannot start Cubase and cannot contact the support, when I try to send a message to the support, it simply vanishes.
Thank you for some help or advices.

Can’t help you with the broken dongle, but as a workaround you could install the 30 day demo of Cubase 12 and at least be able to start Cubase.

Thank you.
I have started this topic too quickly, the dongle even if broken , works on another USB port.
The problem now will be to contact the support because I have desactivated my licenses…

It is not possible to deactivate licenses that are on the USB Elicenser.

Probably you should just activate one in the Activation Center. see Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

I have contacted the support and everything reworks like before.