[BROKEN] Editor Area Backgrounds - Cycle Region colour

Found in the Preferences, under Custom Colour scheme…

I’m lost - can someone remind me where/how this is supposed to work please.? I don’t get it; Key Editor or Audio Editor…? Nowhere do I see the outrageous colour I have chosen to make itself known…


It doesn’t work. I believe it worked in Cubase 9.

As I suspected…

Ok; thanks for your time to confirm.


errm… I think what you are talking about works here?

Ah… sorry; maybe I wasn’t clear at first; I know the control itself works… I’m wanting to see where in the program any colour change here, manifests… :slight_smile:

Do you know…? Could you post a pic please…?



Yeah you’re right, she’s busted.

Probably a sign of what they are working on for future updates… can’t see any other reason for it breaking… Probably some changes to the code in the background.


Indeed… got to agree with you there… :slight_smile:

Look, no big deal. Goes back to Cubase 7 (remember all that.? The (non)colour picker…? etc, etc… nightmare…). This ‘Editor Area Background’ has evolved out of lots of updates to the ‘User Colour Scheme’ down the years. I vaguely remember it was all at least ‘working’ at some point… @GlennO above, seems to remember too.