Broken eLicenser dongle for WaveLab

I just found my dongle key no longer has the USB prong in it and I can no longer use WaveLab. Has anyone had this issue? And if so, how was it resolved?
I put in a support request with Steinberg but am not sure if it’s their issue or eLicenser.

License dongles (referred to as USB-eLicensers) of various kinds have been used to protect Steinberg software applications for many years. Not only do they enable a flexible license usage but also allow for fresh installations without the need for complicated reactivations.

The downside is that when a USB-eLicenser is lost or damaged, you won’t be able to use your software. In the worst case, losing a USB-eLicenser that you forgot to register can also mean losing the software entirely.

The service around Steinberg Zero Downtime helps you, a registered user of Steinberg software applications, to avoid unexpected license errors or losses.