Broken eLicenser Key

I was using WaveLab7Pro/WaveLab7Pro_64 on my computer the other day and the oddest thing happened; When I pulled the key out of the back of my computer after I was done working with the Steinberg software, the key broke. The plastic pieces that hold the microchip together came apart. I was astonished. I really couldn’t believe that actually happened. So, as you can imagine, I did what any underpaid musician would do. I taped the key back together. I used a thin piece of red duck tape. Except that still doesn’t resolve what actually happened. I have no idea how this thing would randomly self destruct for no reason. The stress on the plastic from pulling the key from the back of my computer where my USB connections are must have been too much. I wonder how long my broken license key taped together will last before the components on the inside actually break. The one that comes with the software I bought, WaveLab7Pro, is purple but the replacement is blue. That kind of matters too. Now when I buy the replacement it’s just the off color replacement key.

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Better write to the standard Steinberg support for this issue.

If I write Steinberg support do they replace the broken key? Otherwise what good would it do to tell them.
If I buy one of those replacement license keys will that work with my program? What I mean to ask is will I be able to download my key information on another eLicenser key?

When you get a replacement key, you can transfer the licenses from the old one to the new. With both connected, you can do this from the E-licenser software.