Broken HUB Bub (FIXED)

Stuck on German and not connecting here with C10.0.15

Any ideas??


Double-check your antivirus and Firewall, if one of them doesn’t block an communication with Steinberg server, please.

  1. No antivirus,
  2. Firewall turned OFF its still trying to connect in German on the left of my opening HUB screen. Any other ideas?? Didn’t have this with 9.5
  3. Cubase 10 is set to ALLOW INCOMING CONNECTIONS on the Firewall as well

It just sits there. Probably my system :laughing: No other app with this issue here


You can try Cubase Safe Start Mode.

Been there down that


  1. Disabled prefs = SAME RESULT
  2. Deleted prefs = SAME RESULT
  3. FIrewall = OFF = SAME RESULT
  4. Trashed EVERYTHING Cubase and Steinberg, RE INSTALLED C10.0.15 from fresh download= SAME RESULT
  5. Uninstalled e licenser, Installed Current e licenser = SAME RESULT
  • This is a PROGRAMMING ISSUE that needs fixed. News feeds and tutorials not showing up. Project templates show up.

I give up


Oh, I’m sorry. Next time, I should first try before writing.

You are totally right. It’s the same here on 2 different macOSes.

Reported to Steinberg.

Thanks Martin, Im not losing my mind, good to know


I notice that every so often the Steinberg Hub only connects to German and same with the websites. These issues resolve after a while. I always figured Steinberg was updating it’s servers during the weird behavior.

Regards :sunglasses: