BROKEN: Import track archive and tracks from projects

Hello all,

I installed version 11 yesterday hoping that these features were working correctly, but they are still broken.

When importing tracks from project (from version. 10.2) not all selected tracks import correctly…some won’t import at all. These are all just audio tracks.

When importing track archives (in this case they were generated from Cubase) the only way I was able to successfully import the archives was to select “copy media to project folder.” If “reference media” was selected nothing happens.

Also, importing just the channel settings from one set of tracks on project A to project B without including the audio data doesn’t work.

Can anyone else confirm? I use these features every day (or I wouldn’t have to do work arounds if they were resolved).


I was able to import channel settings only - but not without issues.
Nuendo created a whole new set of tracks instead of pasting into the tracks I had selected.
It also deleted the audio from the tracks it was supposed to have imported to.

My post here:

As I indicate in the post, other than that it worked great. I was impressed - in a limited sort of way.


I have a similar issue. After pressing import track archive and selecting XML nothing happens. Nuendo just stays blank…