Broken/Lost USB-eLicenser, updating to Cubase Pro 12 fails

Hello everyone,
In 2020 I adquiered Cubase 11 Pro with its respective usb e-licencer. Unfortunately that e-licencer got completely broken and I couldn’t use it anymore. So in June 2022 I decided to upgrade from Cubase 11 pro to Cubase 12 Pro thinking that it would fix the problem with the e-licencer but it didn’t work. So I bought a new usb e-licencer to try to fix the problem but that also didn´t work.
In first place I need your help loading the Cubase 11 Pro licence to the new usb e-licencer so after that I could upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro. I find this whole process a bit complicated and I’m worried because I’ve got all my projects there. Could you help me please?

Thanks and greeting from Chile.
Marcelo Dominguez

When upgrading from Cubase Artist/Pro 11 (or any earlier version that uses the USB dongle) to Cubase Pro 12, the dongle is required during the activation process to verify that you’re eligible for the update.

For the update to succeed, you’ll have to restore your Cubase Pro 11 license using the new USB-eLicenser dongle you purchased. To do this, please follow the steps detailed in this article:

This will activate Steinberg Zero Downtime, which will allow you to use Cubase Pro 11 again right away for 25 operating hours. In a few days, Steinberg Support will email you a new Cubase Pro 11 activation code, which will allow you to finally update to Cubase Pro 12 once activated.

Here’s what to do once you receive your email with your new license:

  • Enter your new Cubase Pro 11 activation code into the eLicenser Control Center.
  • Once the Cubase Pro 11 license is activated and shows up in your USB-eLicenser, close the eLicenser Control Center and open the Steinberg Download Assistant. Keep your dongle connected!
  • Enter your Cubase Pro 12 Update download access code into the Steinberg Download Assistant.
  • Download and install Cubase Pro 12

Trying to run Cubase Pro 12 for the first time will open the new Steinberg Activation Manager automatically. Simply sign-in using your MySteinberg account and you should be good to go.
If you get a “Verification Pending” message, please follow these steps.

Hope this helps. I’ve renamed this topic to make it easier for other users to find it in the future.

Yes, the same thing happened to me just a few days ago. I reinstalled my computer for various reasons and in the progress I managed to get the USB dongle broken somehow. It still lights up, but is no longer detected by the e-Licenser software and my Cubase 11 Pro does not start. I figured that I might be able to upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro to get rid of the dongle dependency, but of course, the Cubase 12 activation failed as no Cubase 11 license was found.

So I had no choice but to go and buy a brand new USB dongle, issue a request for a temporary license and then wait for Steinberg to get back to me with a new activation code for my Cubase 11, only to activate Cubase 12. After which I can just throw out the brand new 30 Euro dongle. Annoying that I didn’t upgrade sooner, before the damned stick broke…