Broken multirests. Continuation of Lyrics

Hi, trying to find a better solution to avoid broken multirests (bar 3-4) in this simple example. If I write “U” for all 4 notes, Dorico “thinks” this note continue till the bar 5. Thats why multirests in a Voice part in bar 3-4 are broken. But there are no notes at all. Even no continuation line.

I found a solution creating a second voice writing lyrics in to this 2nd voice and hiding all the notes in a 2nd voice with a custom scale tool in properties panel. Any way ist there a better way to arrange it without this workaround? Thank you in advance😊 (959.2 KB)

If you can avoid it, don’t hit Space to advance from the end of the last note in bar 1. Once you’ve extended the lyric that far, don’t keep hitting Space. Instead, come out of lyric input, then start again at bar 5.

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Thank you Daniel for your quick response. If I follow your instructions, the lyrics line doesn’t rich the end of the 2nd bar…

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you paste bars 5-6 into 1-2?

Yes, this clearly is not ideal. I can reproduce the problem. Your best bet @mipi is to temporarily put a note in the following bar. After the Lyrics have been input, you can delete it.

It doesn’t help. When you delete, multirests will stay broken. As I said before, only one way I could found was to create a second voice and hide Notes in Property Panel setting a custom size to 1.

It worked fine for me. After I deleted the note in the following bar, the multi-rest appeared.

To elaborate on what @Craig_F said, don’t press Space when the lyric popover reaches the temporary note at the start of bar three. Press Esc to exit lyric input and restart it at bar five. Then the multi-rest will reappear when the temporary note is deleted.

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Here is specifically what I did.

With temporary note…

After deleting note…

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Thank you😊

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You can also of course select the lyric and use Shift+Alt+right arrow to lengthen it.

Thank you Daniel, thats a perfect solution.

You can also split a note into smaller bits, space to the end of the desired duration, and then tie them back together after the lyric extender line appears. You have to fix the line in engrave, but it’s better than hiding fake notes in subsequent bars.