Broken Plugin Delay Compensation

Plugins with similar setings and similar audio files doesn’t phase cancel each other.
Steps to reproduce

  • Open empty Cubase project
  • create Audio track
  • insert Steinberg Compressor (or any other) plugin on it
  • Adjust the plug-in controls to taste
  • Duplicate the first track and invert the phase on it
  • Start audio playback

they should phase-cancel perfectly > No sound should be heard on the output

But the sound is still there, weird and slightly distorted but not completely silent.

Here is a video demonstration:

forgot to mention
its Cubase 8.5.20
Win10 x64

Null perfectly with a number of plugins, not the standard compressor.
Auto make-up gain can make it worse, but as far as I can tell, it is the algorithm that reacts slightly different to the audio.

I tested different plugins. And those who cancel each other in Studio One and Maschine doesn’t cancel itself in Cubase.
I don’t think that Cubases standard compressor is that advanced to react differently to the same drum loop. In addition to that it doesn’t have any emulated “analog” noise which affect self cancellation.
Have you tried it, can you confirm this behavior?