Broken project in Cubase Pro 8.0.5.

I lost a whole day’s work in Cubase Pro 8.0.5. And believe me I lost a big deal. :neutral_face:

I worked yesterday, saved it, today it crashes while loading. It seems to load everything and I guess when it’s about to show the project window etc it crashes.

I attached the crashdump file, if anyone has the skills to find out what’s causing the crash I would greatly appreciate.

My gut feeling says that it is exactly the same error i.e. trying to open mixer and Cubase crashes in some projects. (This was confirmed by other users also)

Who knows, if I saved the project without the mixer visible, maybe the project would open.

So I guess that’s it for me for Cubase 8.0.5, will wait for 8.5.

Please but please Steinberg :

Please hire somebody doing real heavy orchestral work! Because that’s what REALLY forces the boundaries of Cubase.

I hope this gets attention, because sooner or later the same unfortunate thing will happen to somebody else.



happened to me a few times in cubase 8.0.5 too (and ive only had it it a couple of weeks!), its just not quite ready for pro work yet, all I can suggest is to save multiple versions of your project, at least then you can go back to a more recent version than losing a whole days work. The first time it happened i thought it was 3rd party plugins that caused it, but then the same thing happened when i was using only fx and eq within cubase (channel strip etc)

Im still using Reaper for important paying work, as its a much more stable and professional environment, I bought cubase, but to me it feels like a hobbyists toy. Sure there is some nice features, but reliability and stability are zero.

I am now trying to edit the broken .cpr file to turn off the mixer. Trying to find keywords in the cpr. I found something like Mixer and State close together with values next to them, but nothing happens if I change the values to zero.

Anyway… Thanks.

I’ve tried comparing two test files with mix console on/off, but there a lot of differences. So it’s impossible to find that value.

If anybody from Steinberg could say where is that info in the cpr which controls the visibility of the mix console? Thanks.

I’ve had problems with the mixer crashing projects when I used Cubase 8, too. It was related to plugins in my case. Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection and in one case Eventide H3000. There was some randomness to it I could not figure out - the aforementioned plugins did not crash every project they were used in - but when I removed them in “destroyed” projects, those projects could be opened again.

I want to suggest the following:

  • rename your plugin folders, so Cubase can*t see them. Reload the project and if it opens, resave it (with a new name)

  • go back to 7.5 and open the project there

Let me know if this worked :slight_smile:

Thanks Frozenwave. Nice suggestion, but didn’t work for me. I even changed the VST3 folder name. Now I get the crash very quickly (because no load time for plugins). Also 7.5 crashes likewise.

I think there is some sort of data corruption in the cpr. But I still feel it’s because of that mix console crash bug. From now on, if I ever work with 8.0.5, the mixer will be closed all times. I even deleted all the mixer key commands, so that I don’t accidentally open one!

I may learn to live without the console maybe. It’ll be hard though…

Thanks again.

Ah, to bad :cry: I troubleshooted and tested a lot here and it did not really make a difference if the mixer was closed or opened when saving. For instance, I was able to open a project that crashed after loading because of an opened mixer by removing all plugins. I resaved it with the mixer closed and reloaded it. However, after opening the mixer it crashed again. So the problem was hidden somehwere else.

Yes, probably. The mixer’s structure gets broken somehow, maybe because of a third party factor. But in my case, I eliminated everything and still it crashes.

Unfortunately it’s like an unsolvable puzzle. But still, this started happening with 8. So they may compare with 7.5 code to find what may cause it.

I’m so sorry for my lost project but also the fact that those days with corrupt project files have returned :frowning:

I hope the Steinberg staff is aware of it.

Have you tried opening the problem project with another project already open, and then choosing to not activate when prompted?

If not, try that, and see if it will open inactivated. If it does, then try to activate it and see what happens.

Also, have you tried trashing your prefs? I know that’s a long shot, but…

So sorry you happened to jump into Cubase on such an unfortunately unstable release!

Trust me, it’s not a toy. It’s an amazing program, especially for music production, but Steinberg really jumped the gun on this one. It feels as if they are trying to write new code into ancient code and they’ve got a wall.

Just know that I’ve been in the upgrade loop for this family of DAWs since 2001, using it in proper, paying sessions-and every release had been solid until now.

Maybe you’ll give 'er another try on 8.5…?

Hi there

You hadn’t mentioned it so… did you try loading one of the backup autosave files

Best Regards


I finally got Cubase (8.0 and 8.05) to stop crashing upon hitting F3 to switch to the mixer. Culprit were the Eventide plugins (2016 Stereo Room, UltraChannel, H3000 Factory, UltraReverb). I have now disabled the plugins and removed them from the project (through Cubase 7.5, as 8.x didn’t even want to let me do that), and at least I don’t get that crash anymore…

I do get other crashes than the F3 one though. It’s not that Cubase 8 is very stable…



Eventide… interesting. So far my F3 crashes seem to be related to Slate Digital and Eventide + another factor I can’t figure out.

Have you tried opening the problem project with another project already open, and then choosing to not activate when prompted?

Yes. I can see the projects and copy parts etc. to elsewhere but when I activate, it crashes instantly.

did you try loading one of the backup autosave files

Yes. I tried each and every one of those files, .bak and .cpr. My project was ending with 10, Cubase only opens the one cpr ending with 2 (also the first one probably) but it’s nearly the beginning of my work.

Thanks guys, really. I am a believer of Cubase, and really I like it, will catch the train with 8.5 :slight_smile:

Now sticking to the safe 7.5!

I wonder if 7.5 isn’t crashing with those same 3rd party plugins, then it means something is wrong with Cubase 8 and not these plugins. (Slate, Eventide, etc.)

In all fairness, the manufacturers of the plugins (Eventide, Slate) might have ‘abused’ a known issue in versions before 8 as a shortcut to work around something they needed to implement. Issue was fixed in Cubase for version 8, and the plugin stops working… that type of scenario is certainly not uncommon.

That said, I saw on another F3-related thread today that “…the fix is in beta already…”, so that would indicate this was a Cubase issue all along.
(While the known issues area only has a closed item stating that it’s 3rd party… hmmm…).



the fault is definatley with C8… i use eventide/slate/waves/softube and have done for years with maybe 1 crash with reaper…
Come to Cubase and maybe 10-15 crashes a day, with or without the 3rd party plugins :blush:

It should be possible to open the file in Cubase 6. Depending on the project you might lose some channel settings but your tracks and edits will probably all be there. You could also try loading the cpr on a different computer to make sure it’s a corruption issue. Steinberg support might be willing to check it for you.

At home, I have a 6.5 installed. When I go home (someday), I’ll try that.

…and already I made the project again from scratch… So thanks guys for your sincere help :slight_smile:

I’m using 8.0.5 with Windows 8.1 for the past 2 weeks and its running really smoothly for me… but this makes me really worried. Is there a known problem with corrupt files or has this been worked around / solved?