Broken project in Cubase Pro 8.0.5.

Hi Mart.

I am not qualified to say that C8 can make corrupt cprs. Maybe my cpr isn’t corrupt, but it also crashes with C7.5. (I’m going to test with 6.5)

I believe my problem may be because of the issue talked about here :

And so far the only thing crashing my 8.0 and 8.0.5 is this bug. And it tends to happen with relatively heavy projects. So that must be it, the project gets loaded and when it finishes, the mixer opens and boom! :confused:

(I haven’t seen the mixer open after loading though, I only get the crash message)

Many crashes here too when I try to reload a project with state’s plugin (vmr…and now even trigger :frowning: Someone said on gearsluts that in cubase something has changed inside “juice” code, slate warned about this issues .

A simple fox for fg-x : use a jbridged version. But I’m getting so many “.unloaded” crashes and I don’t know how to do, tomorrow I’ll try a downgrade to 8.0 , I’m sad.