Broken Tokens

I’m trying out Dorico and I’m considering switching from Finale. I am having a little trouble with the tokens on my master page. I type in the token as shown:

But instead of inserting the information from the project info, it just uncapitalizes. I got it to work on the other master page, but you’ll see it didn’t work on the first master page:

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, dapperpage.
You can only use flowTokens on pages that have a music frame on them, even if there’s only one flow in the project.
If you want to use a flowToken on the first page, you need to specify the flow number within the token, e.g. {@flow1Title@}

Also, looks like your staff size is a bit big! Layout Options—Page Setup—Space Size.

Thank you! And also thank you!