Broken USB e-licenser - I have to pay to replace???

My USB e-licenser stopped working this weekend, so for now I’m completely unable to start Cubase. I’ve submitted a support ticket about getting a replacement key, but I strongly suspect that I’m going to be told next week that I have to pay for a replacement. But just a minute Steinberg, is this USB device not designed exclusively to protect YOUR REVENUE, by preventing software piracy? It’s a very clever and effective anti-piracy strategy, but let’s give this USB key a more accurate name. I’m going to call it the “Steinberg revenue protection key” . Now we’re all clear on what it is, who should be responsible for replacing it when it breaks? Steinberg, if you’re reading this, we all bought your software and your software license, but you have no business asking us to pay for replacement hardware that’s sole purpose is to protect YOUR REVENUE. I will bite my tongue about the inconvenience of using this flimsy device if you’ll take ownership of the COST of YOUR ANTI-PIRACY STRATEGY instead of passing the buck to your paying customers. I may be ‘cutting off my nose to spite my face’, but I’m not willing to pay for a replacement key, so if you’re not willing to provide one for me then our relationship is over.

Simple. The person who broke it.

I have often wondered … these being mechanical objects, they all will unavoidably fail over time. What is the replacement policy when that happens?

The same policy as with any mechanical and non-mechanical objects, that will unavoidably fail over time. If you want to use it, you need to replace it - if the defect falls under the warranty terms, you don´t need to pay it yourself, if not you pay it yourself - quite common and standard pattern…

Yes, that makes a lot of sense, to pay for the USB stick if it breaks “out of warranty”. My poorly worded question should have read, “If the USB stick breaks, does Steinberg let you carry on for free w/ the previously paid-for license on a replacement stick”?


Wonderful! Mine is getting kind of old. I wonder if the OP had a different idea about that?

I’m probably going to buy a spare Steinberg USB e-licenser so I have minimum downtime when mine breaks.