Browse Plugins. Too Many?


I’ve just bought Wavelab 7, and cannot work out how to page through my plugins. The entire screen fills up with plugins I can’t figure out how to select anything with a name that start with any letter later than S. Please help.

Okay, so I got i. The trick is to manage the plugins and create separate folders to split the plugins into.

Which gets really old in a hurry - WaveLab uses it’s own system, of course, and requires constant maintenance on that front.
On the positive side, it really did encourage me to get rid of stuff I don’t use any longer - which there was a scary amount of - and the even worse ones…“what on earth did that do”?

I fight with this one as well, right now.

I must admit, I simply don’t get it, as there would be an easy fix for this major problem:

  1. Taking into account subfolders in the VST path and turning them into submenus in the plugin list.
  2. Using a scrollable menu instead of a multi-column one.

Of course, one still could do better, but basically, after that change, all would be fine!