Browsed My Vinyl Collection Today...

And put on a 48 year old record, Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited.
I also played the first record I bought, Deep Purple In Rock (hearing Child In Time made me cry back then, and almost today :wink:).

I played them back in the exact same way as it would for soon to be a half century ago, on a good old record player :slight_smile:

That made these question show up:
How do we play back our downloaded/streaming music of today (mp3’s and whatever) in 50 years?
Is it playable at all?
Is this the way we want it?

PS. In 50 years I am dead, so not my problem. But for the two next generations after me :question:

Thanks for a nice video. I like Andrew Scheps :slight_smile:

But the real questions is:
Do we even have a way to play back our music bought today, in 50 years? - How many re-masters (re-formats) do we need to play back our music in 50 years?

How many format changes are going to be made in 50 years? - What formats will that be?

Will we be able to play back CD’s, or do even CD players excists in 50 years? - I can buy a bunch of CD-players to cover those years :wink:

But the vinyl format will still work, and vinyl record players will still excist in 50 more years. I really think so (or I want to :wink:)
Will any other format live long as vinyl records? - This is the main question!!!

Well, WAV format is 30+ years old. Mp3 is also almost 30 years old. Even broadcast wave BWF is almost 20 years old. Those formats are here to stay. FLAC is 10+years old, and will probably stay too. WMA is also 15+ yrs old…
I bet all those formats will be playable even in 100 or 1000 years, as long as there will be digital players. Is is just digital data, especially wav is simple to decode, you can export it even as text file, and edit in notepad or excel. Just numbers one after another.