Browser compability

Hello everybody, and Steinberg in particular

As an addicted OS X user I just stumbled upon a small artefact in the “mysteinberg”

I am changing ISP and hence im changing my email address around the various sites, but in the “mysteinberg” site I was immediately prompted with a “re-enter new email” even I didn’t do anything yet, I rechecked and reloaded a couple of times with the same result, so I switched to Firefox and everything worked flawlessly.

To me it would make a lot of sense if all web sites, including “mysteinberg” was safari compatible but maybe it’s complicated due to some apple policies ?

Best regards, Brock

To avoid any issues with any sites always use Firefox or Chrome as they are always recommended.


I had the same problem, then I switched to Chrome and it’s all gone.
Try it Mistahbass!

Hello Folks

I could do that but the reason I write here is for Steinberg to see and correct any bugs in their systems

cheers, Brock