I have a lead patch from Halion Sonic 2, Auron called Bezel loaded onto my track. But when I click on the Programs I Banks + Patch drop down browser it only will show me the Halion Sonic 2 Factory content. ( see image ) So I have to open the right hand side media browser to access other patches from Auron ( which is within Halion Sonic ) Seems odd.

Does anyone know if there is a setting to access all modules and patches within Halion Sonic 2 from the track Programs I Banks + Patch drop down browser?
Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 7.06.41 PM.png

Click here?

Yes I am aware one can open the plug in lol or the media Bay browser.

My question is specific.



Mkay… In that case i shall specifically say:no. Not to my knowledge. Maybe an oversight… Maybe from outside of the program…
Sry for wasting our time and good luck.

Trium, Auron, World Instruments, Voltage, World Perc, Haliotron , B Box, Model C are libraries within Halion Sonic that do not show in the track drop down browser.

It would be really efficient to have the presets from these libraries showing up.

Anyone know a way to make that work?

Click Halion Sonic Factory Library again.

Ok…I did…but it doesn’t give me access to the other HS 2 libraries. What are you suggesting should happen?