Browsing audio in media bay and control room issue

I’m trying to browse audio files in media bay, and I’ve noticed that the sound is only going out my main monitors and NOT my headphones in control room. Anyone know why this is happening? Of course if I put the audio file in my project I hear it fine in my headphones, but while trying to audition audio files in the mediabay I’m unable to hear them through my headphones.

Is there some feature I’m missing or is this some kind of routing issue? Any help would be appreciated.


The output from the MediaBay Preview is routed to the Monitor 1 bus of Control Room (Studios). For proper settings, open VST Connections > Output and set the main outout (you used until now) to Not connected. The open Studios. Add bus: Monitor 1. Set the audio port of Momitro 1 to your main speakers. That’s it.

Well thats the rub, as my main speakers are already setup in Control room (see attached pictures) and I want to keep it setup this way as my main monitors are my mains, and my headphones (HP2) are my headphones. I simply want to be able to hear the mediabay in my headphones.

On a related note - I cannot hear anything through my headphones when using the play tool in the sample editor either. This is even more important as I’ll often do editing work on my headphones because its easier for me to hear details.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I must be missing something simple here. Thank you very VERY much!!

FIGURED IT OUT!!! (sorry for the caps -I’m happy! :slight_smile: - Its a preference in the VST-control room to "use phones channel as preview channel). I guess I will need to toggle this preference for when I’m using headphones vs speakers, but at least I now know what it is!

If anyone has a solution where I dont have to toggle this preference it would be much appreciated. I dont understand why Cubase cannot send it to both instead of one or the other.