browsing sound

I am working at a song and I need to choose a kick sample. I have hundreds of them to choose from.

I would like to have the song playing and at the same time be able to browse through all my one-shot kick samples.

They are not loops, so the Loop Browser does not help here, becuase if I use it I only hear one shot per bar.

Instead, I made a MIDI track with the kick pattern programmed.

What is the best way to browse quickly thorugh many samples in Cubase 5?

There may be an easier way, but not that I’m aware of. I take a similar approach to yours when auditioning kicks. Basically, I’ll run through the Media Browser and drag potential samples to Groove Agent ONE. Then, I create a MIDI track with a pattern, as you did, select all events and use the UP/DOWN arrows to switch samples during playback. It can take a lot of time, but I’ve been building kits and soundsets like this for a while, so I don’t always have to hit the Media Browser when looking for a sample.

I use Windows Media Player to open a bunch of samples at once and narrow down the field before putting those I like into a sample player for final choosing.