Brush Play Back - how to......?

I still do not understand how Swish, tap and slab plays back.
How are the original 3 notes created? And why do mine not play correct.
If I want to make a Brush-accompagment in a band file, I can only do it with copies of the original 3 notes.
I have tried to make exactly the same settings in other files - in vain.
What have I missed?

The original discussion is from here: Playback for snare drum w/brushes? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums
brushes - commented copy of file from
brushes - commented copy of file from (348 KB)

Here are the picture and the file.
Greetings Arne Dich

Instead of changing the notehead, you need to input the notes using the right playing techniques (which will give you the right notehead automatically). You can cycle through different playing techniques by using shift+alt+up in input mode.

Wow. It solves the problem. Many thanks. And it’s also easier to cycle than to change the notehead, which is rather time-consuming.
I am gratefull