BSOD in windows 7

Gday everyone
am encountering a blue screen just about everytime i use cubase 5.
have just changed computers and operating system. am now using windows 7 500hd with 4 g ram.

keep getting the message BAD_POOL_HEADER.

am running a carillon usb midi interface with cubase 5. am only recording midi, no audio. or plug inns.

its very frustrating as have been using cubase 5 for a couple of years ( and 4 before that) on XP and never had a problem.
is anybody else expierencing these problems? and of course any solutions to the problem?

am running latest updates of cubase 5 ( think its 5.5) have reloaded windows, still no joy
this is my first post…

thanks split, computer is with manufacter will have it back in 3-4 days and will try again

BSOD usually indicates a problem at the driver/system level. Possibly your interface driver. I would try unplugging the interface and starting Cubase without it. Select the generic ASIO driver as a test.

thanks jaslan will try that as well