BT Mackie Control Problem with Start / Stop with Studiologic Mixface SL

as I have explored this problem a little deeper, I wanted to open a thread about it:

1. Summary/Title
Start Stop doesnt work as it should in Mackie Mode / Bluetooth
2. Description
Using my Studiologic Mixface SL as DAW Controller (DAW-Mode). Connected via Bluetooth. Connected in Mackie Mode. Everything works as it should: Pressing the play button of the Mixface lets Cubasis Start and Stop Playing all the other Buttons / Slider work as they should.
But: After a random number of presses (sometimes just about 5x, sometimes after 80x) Cubasis reacts to the presses different: It executes on every press the Rewind Command instead of alternating between Start and Stop. (Lets call this the “Rewind mode”)
Now: If I keep on pressing the button, again after a random number of pressing it stops executing the rewind command and switches back to the correct behavior: It again alternates between Start and Stop!
3. Expected Results
Should alternate Start / Stop and not got into “Rewind Mode”

4. Actual Results
Randomly switches between “Start / Stop Mode” and “Rewind mode” for the Start/Stop Button of the Mixface.
Deeper Exploration:

  1. When Cubasis seems to be in “Rewind Mode” the other Buttons / Sliders / Jog Dial still work as they should. Only the Start Button seems affected.
  2. If "Rewind mode is not elicitable after many presses of Start / Stop, I can elicit it sometimes by pressing record and then stopping Record by pressint Start/Stop.
  3. I could reproduce this behavior always after some presses, when the Connection is via Bluetooth. I could NEVER bring it into “Rewind mode”, when the Mixface is connected via USB Port3!
  4. Its really evil, because, when I want to record/play and it jumps to the start everytime I press play, its unnerving. Its even more unnerving, that I sometimes had to press the button more than 80x until it springs back to normal behavior. I sometimes could go back faster by recording in between, but sometimes not
  5. Hooray: I found a workaraound to end the evil “Rewind mode”. Going into Setup and switching Mackie Control off, then again on: and: Hooray: Start / Stop works again als hoped! (So I can work with it at last).

5. Environment
Studiologic Mixface SL FW 1.03 (newest). Ipad or Iphone (same behavior) with IOS 14.6 and Cubasis 3.31

Now my questions:

  • Has anyone similar problems with another Controller (I suspect, its not the Controller, but who knows…
  • Are there similar reports of other users?
  • can this problem be adressed?

Hi @whitelight,

Thank you for your message.
I’d suggest to get in touch with studio logic to share your issues with them.

Please keep us updated.


Studio logic hasn’t update their firmware in a while….

well, the studiologic pros didnt answer my question, so I still dont know if thus is a cubasis or a studiologic issue… Happens only in BT mode…