BT Midi pedal boards

Does any one have any advice on or experience with Bluetooth pedal boards. I have been looking into the iRig blueboard and Airturn BT200S.

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Suggest to check back with our friends from IK Multimedia, if they have checked their device with Cubasis.

I’m at hand to have them equipped with promo codes for testing purposes, if required.

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As always thanks for the worthwhile and quick response. I have now looked into another 3rd device called the Airstep by Xsonic. All 3 devices look like they have potential but it would be good to hear some hands-on feedback.

Personally I am just hoping for some easy Transport Bar control at this stage so i can trigger Record while holding a guitar.

If i buy one I will give a report here as to how well it works. I am currently leaning towards the Airstep


I have used a KMI Softstep 2 for years. It is ultra-flexible and incredibly powerful. KMI gear is near-indestructible, small and light.

Keep in mind that you must “program” this pedal to suit your needs.

I use mine to control a very complex rig. I’ve augmented the pedal itself with a BomeBox, which is a super powerful “midi translator” that can do nearly any kind of midi task.

With this combination, I’ve done some pretty complex midi customization, such as automating record start/stop in a unique way. If I hold down the key (with my foot) for record start, my rig waits until I hit a different key which starts my BeatBuddy drum pedal, then commands Cubasis record start. Needless to say, next page or previous page on my score is easily achieved.

I added Camelot Pro on my iPad, which provides song-specific setup such as tempo, keyboard preset and drum machine beat selection.

Another example is using 2 Softstep keys to manage the Leslie settings on my modulation pedal (Strymon Mobius). The default is slow, but a key press stops the rotation, and another toggles slow and fast. This is all intelligent - when I have stopped the Leslie effect, a press on the “speed key” restarts the Leslie on slow.

If you want a truly customizable midi setup, the SS2 is awesome. Add in a BomeBox and you are ready to do almost anything, including with Cubasis, if you are technically oriented. If learning how these things work and “programming” them is not your idea of fun, then I would look for something simpler.

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Please keep us updated about your progress, @Jed!

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I am now the proud owner of an Airstep Lite bluetooth multi footswitch.

The good news is it works really well with Cubasis 3. I have no bad news.

It comes with its own simple app to configure and connect. I have an entry level understanding of midi and it was enough to set up the midi commands and then use the (excellent) midi assign feature in Cubasis 3.

There are plenty of youtube videos for more general information but I can wholeheartedly say I am truly chuffed


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Hi @Jed,

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We are very glad to read that your new BT footswitch works as expected with Cubasis.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the community!

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