Buckle My Shoe

Hi Bergers,

I have completed another track for my album, it’s called Buckle My Shoe, made only with Cubase of course, please have a listen if you feel like it :slight_smile:

https://www.deangersmith.rocks/music?wix-music-track-id=9518766260647656&wix-music-comp-id=comp-kk0wvw3b Buckle My Shoe

Have a Great Day,

Roc/< n Ro//


Hi Deangersmith, this one has a lot of energy. Love the part right after the guitar solo. The mix sounds really good to me. I really liked it.

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Hey Early21,

Thanks for taking a listen :slight_smile: I’m hap[py you enjoyed the track and the mix, I really appreciate the feedback. Have a great day, rock on!

Listening to your tracks on bandcamp, smooth sounds for my Monday morning, really digging ball to the wall, man you got some moves on that axe, delightful man, inspiring. Loving the organ too. Your mixes are superb. What’s your connection to www.wctyo.org? Just gone into so sad so mean…, Awesomeness!

Hey thanks for noticing my own music on Bandcamp. Appreciate that you got into So Sad So Mean So Funny, took me forever to figure out how to play the guitar line in the middle. I was quite proud of it.

When I put that album up, I thought, I’m never going to make any money from it, but if I got anything, I ought to donate it to the Western CT Youth Orchestra.

The WCYO is a local youth orchestra, and my involvement is that I sit on the board. It did raise a little bit of money for them. Organizations like this are always on the brink between what families can afford to pay for having their kids involved vs. what it actually costs to run such an organization at a level that justifies participating. So they have no choice but to do fundraising.

Keep your tracks coming, love them!

Thanks for the repy, well done on raising some cash for them, very cool of you to do that. I listened to the other tracks on that album on bandcamp, man there’s a lot of work gone into that album, I would be proud of that too :), it’s fantastic. Any plans for a new album from yourself?

Well I did just drop an album of recordings of my now defunct band. There’s a post in this forum that’s near the top - Incontinentals Album on Spotify. That post explains what I was up to. But I am also working on a solo album, but I’m very slow. Maybe some time this year. Most of the completed stuff has been posted here, but not all. Two or three more songs finished and I’ll probably put it up on BandCamp again.