A little after the fact, but here is a tune my brother and I did together for the first time in like 20 years. We live far apart now but thanks to Cubase (6.5.3) and the magic of the interwebs - voila!


Always delighted to hear peoples artistic or engineering feedback. Enjoy!

Good rock song, singing might possibly sound better in a lower key :slight_smile: and I reckon there should be at least an 8 bar area where the distorted guitar takes a rest, it becomes a bit monotonous all the way through the song IMHO :slight_smile:
having a real drummer is a big plus but they do sound like they’re wrapped in a cotton wool room but maybe that’s what you wanted,
a good effort though…keep em coming and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

best, Kevin

thanks man. yeah, my brother isn’t the best singer but God knows I didn’t want to do it. interestingly the drums are just EZdrummer, but I agree on the sound and arrangement somewhat, I am meaning to maybe go back and tweak some things but just haven’t gotten around to it. too busy enjoying our 5 weeks of summer weather.

Not saying your brother can’t sing…just think he’s in the wrong key, any singer would have problems singing a key that’s wrong for them…got the impression from your explanation of the song that you were playing the “drums” :blush:
well…you were actually…just happened to be EZ drummer, just show’s how stupid I am :laughing: or how good EZ drummer is or how good your programming is…

enjoy the summer mate…Kevin