Buffer Change made Cubase Crash


I’ve got a problem of systematic crash when I change the buffer size
I explain

I’ve got a UR824 interface
When I record, I put the Buffer on 128
All is ok
When I want to Export Audio or Work with effect, I put the buffet at Max
When I want to got back to 128, Cubase Crash

Sometimes, When I want to restart Cubase, the ASIO pilote is not detected anymore…
But the changes are resgistred by Cubase

Anyone can help me ?

I work with Win7 and Cubase 8.5
The UR pilote seems to be OK



ps: sorry for my approximate english

Hi Cedric,

English good. :slight_smile:

I have never experienced such a thing. Though I don’t think I have ever exported something at 2048, then reduced buffer size to 128 and continue recording without saving the session.

If I export to listen elsewhere, I have always saved/shut down before continuing. I think that is a good idea in general just to make sure what you just exported is what Cubase replicates when it is re-opened.

Even a DAW needs short naps to keep it’s shizz together. :wink:

Also have you tried the new UR series driver? Maybe your issue was resolved by it. I myself had to change motherboard a couple years ago because the UR driver did not work with the chipset. I am in no way changing drivers because my stuff just works flawlessly since the replacement MOBO.


Hi Jimmy,

I just see that Steinberg post à new Update a couple of days ago
It was not detected by the control panel of the UR, so I didn’t see it
And now all seems to be OK
I think it’s the providence :smiley: