Buffer Duffer

Yeah…that’s me, I’ve just moved up to C6.5 on W764 bit and I’m getting 3 second audio drop outs…since I started using Cubase from C4 I’ve never had audio dropouts, I thought this was a move up the ladder.
I’ve had my buffer settings in my Focusrite pro 24 up and down and round and round, still getting dropouts…am I supposed to do something else ? never had to fiddle with the buffers before why do I have to now ? solutions most wlcome, Gear is intel core i7-2700K CPU @3.50 GHz 16GB ram on W764bit… should be good enough ? best regards to everybody, Kevin


Please run this and follow the instructions on the page: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml

I have run this on my own system; it is safe and will assist you in correcting dropouts.


Ok Bane, thanks…I’ll give it a shot, Kevin

Also, when adjusting buffer size, you will need it at 2048 samples to improve your situation. However, the latency checker will totally fix your problem. :wink:

Hi, ran the tester and it said the machine should be able to handle audio without dropouts, so ok there then…I had C5 and C6 on lesser computers so presumably this is a problemo with C6.5…what a bummer !! never considered running the buffer at 2048, won’t that cause a lot of latency ? you think your making progress and you fall off a cliff…wonder where to go now ? cheers and best regards, Kevin

I had C5 and C6 on lesser computers so presumably this is a problemo with C6.5

If you have set this computer up at the same time as switching to C6.5 it is more likely the system.

Were you actually running Cubase when running the dpc test? Did you hear dropouts but there was no spike in the tester at that point??

Do you get dropouts when listening to Windows sounds, WMP, or youtube? This may narrow it down some. Also, how long did you run the tester? It’s a good idea to run for at least 15 minutes.

If your using a new pooter or soundcard it may be the firewire chip or drivers?


Ok Guy’s…lots of advice there, I’ll be goin through it all today, wasn’t running cubase when I ran the test so I’ll do it again and the youtube thing is a good idea…I thought all the drivers would be ok cause just sorted all that when installing W7 but need to check everything, thanks to you all for helping, Kevin