Buffer setting - I/O latency

I’ve recently set up a new PC with Cubase Artist 8.5. I’m using a Presonus Firestudio Project interface as my means of recording.

I set my buffer to around 128 and select ‘low latency’ in the safe mode with the interface’s control panel. This gives me roughly 3ms of input latency and 4ms of output latency. If I change the safe mode setting to ‘Normal’ the input latency increases by about half a ms, whereas the output increases by another 1ms. Is it ok/usual for a difference in input and output latency?

What I’m basically asking is; are these ideal settings/latency configurations for recording? I can get away with recording at a lower setting of say 64 but my computer would begin to struggle after 4-5 tracks.

Well in general the lower the latency the better. But its also up to your personal perception. Some people will not notice 8ms latency others will notice 4ms allready. Like mentioned in the other thread: If you use direct monitoring of your interface you can have 100 ms in/out latency and it doesn’t matter.

With 3ms in and 4ms out do you notice any latency when monitoring through cubase?

at 3ms ‘in’ and 4ms ‘out’ would the overall audible latency be 7ms? I watched a video on youtube and the guy was only really concerned with input latency.

At these settings I don’t notice any apparent latency I personally only begin to notice at about 7ms. However, perhaps it does have more of an affect on our playing even if we can’t hear it (especially more common in novice and beginners)

I don’t particularly want to use direct monitoring using my interface’s mixer as I personally like to use some plugin reverb. I can’t imagine listening on headphones to just a dry signal, especially given my musical style (folk, ambient, indie) Obviously if you’re a well seasoned musician who can nail the part regardless then this isn’t much of a problem.