Buffer Setting Value Re-Setting

Hi PG …

I have noticed that the last four times I launched WL 10, the buffer settings in my RME HDSPe AIO card had been re-set.

My preferred and usual setting is 512. The first time I noticed it, it had reset itself to 2048. Yesterday it had reset itself to 1024. Today it had reset itself to 256. On each occasion, i rest it to 512

Previously, on the rare occasion I had to revisit a buffer setting, it was always where I left it (512).

Is it possible that WL is affecting this? Or should I look for a culprit elsewhere.



WaveLab can’t change this value directly. But the audio device might change this value according to its own logic, when WaveLab changes the sample rate. Could it be the case?

Hmmm … You appear to be correct (as usual). I just tried it. Exited from a 96/48 wav. Opened and played a 44.1/16. Reset buffer to 256. Then played a 96/24 again and it was back at 512.

This was probably happening all the time and I just didn’t notice it. The RME card is loaded with a lot of ‘smarts’ and this looks like one of them.

Thank you for this and apologies for worrying you.