Buffer size and sample rate question?

im currently using 44.1 khz and 2048 buffer I would like to use higher but I always get chipmunk sounds is there a way to export and get the right sound quality or do I have to record from the beggining at the rates I am going to mixdown at? thanks

Yes, although there are programs that can upsample your finished mix to a different sample rate, if I’m understanding you correctly. Steinberg’s Wavelab, has a very good sample converter, as does iZotope’s RX, and I believe Goodhertz Good Dither, and there are others. Voxengo has a good free one called R8brain to try.

Really thats great to hear! I will look into wavelab most likely. Appreciate your answer very much!

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If you want to work in higher sample rates, it usually makes sense to set your project sample rate to what you want initially and then record and mix with that.
You could of course record in a project with 44k, then create a mix project in say 96K and import the recorded files into that (Cubase own SR converter since v10 or so is based on the very well regarded sox algorithms and of high quality). I don’t really see an advantage to that, because it just uses more space for original and the converted files, and workflow-wise it’s a bit cumbersome, too.

I totally just figured out what i was doing wrong and its not a resolution issue it was operator error. But it is nice to know that the software for converting are there.