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Just a bit curious, what buffer size do you guys use? I had problems with popping and clicking when set to 256 samples, (recording simultaneous 16 tracks audio 48khz/24bit, no plugs etc.) higher works fine, so atm there is no problem since we do the monitor mix trough a hardware mixer. The thing is, I never had problems with this before, since my laptop (macbook pro 2009-ish 4gb) and desktop (win7, AMD Phenom II X4, 8gb 2011) both running cubase 7 suffer from this.

so is >=512 buffer size for 16-tracks normal?

Surely this has been discussed but I couldn’t find much by searching, so sorry if this is a dupe.



Aloha m,

All audio drivers up-to-date?

As you posted there are lots o’ diff approaches on this topic
as others will probably chime in.

For me I track lo and playback hi.

thanks for replying, yep drivers are latest version.

Just a sidenote, since I originaly posted I’ve recorded about 6-8 hours of simultaneous 16tracks 48khz/24-bit at 1048 samples and no pops etc at all, so it is quite safe to say that the buffer size was the culprit, or at least raising it avoided this issue. If I have time I’m going to try using logic X instead and see if there is any difference.

but if anyone else who records a lot of simultaneous tracks would like to share what buffer size they use I would be grateful!



Which version of Cubase are you running? 7.4?

I do not record a lot of simultaneous audio tracks but I do use quite a few VSTi’s. I cannot use a buffer lower then 512 and that is after freezing my active drum track provided by/thru Kontact’s Studio Drummer. Similar projects in both LP V9.x and LPX work without clicks and/or pops at a buffer of 256.

I had high hopes for using C7 and leaving LP but with the new LPX, I have basically gone and may not ever return to Cubase. CS.

yep gmmccurdy, running 7.0.4 with the performance switch fix. haven´t tried 7.0.5 since I had so much problems with the freeze/dropout issues and it actually works now (although with high buffer size). Have you tried 7.0.5? remember your name from the freeze/dropout thread :slight_smile:

I bought LPX because of that issue, but I still feel more at home in cubase. I can sympathize with going for LPX though CShorte, man, the amount of session time that went straight down the drain because of cubase 7 issues.



Yes, I’m running 7.05 with no issues other than the annoying font size bug. :slight_smile: