Buffer size playback problems (delay??)


I have just recently upgraded my PC and upgraded to Cubase 8.5 from 6.0. I have been having my first play on it over the last few days, playing around with settings and getting everything running optimally etc.

However i have noticed an odd thing related to the buffer size. At 128,258,512,1024 everything seems to be ok as you would expect (except for the difference in input latency when playing the keyboard), but if i move it to 2048 or 4096 and playback the project it is all delayed and all over the place.

I didn’t think buffer size could affect playback? I though it was just related to recording/monitoring whilst recording.

This definitely seems to affect playbakc and now i am concerned that perhaps, even though i am not noticing it at first flance, the buffer size from 1024 and lower is making a difference to the playback as well.

This is whilst using a some EW Hollywood string and brass patches, and the only VST plug ins loaded are 3 instances of Play.

Can anyone explain what is going on?

No one?

Possibly something to do with Play…I would confirm or rule that out by seeing if you can repro this behaviour without any Play instruments in a project.

You might also see if disabling ASIO Guard makes a difference.