buffer size / recording dropouts


i am very aware that the following concerns my specific setup, but maybe someone here can help me:
my setup is

mac mini server
2 GHz Intel Core i7
os x 10.8.5
wavelab 8.5.1 64bit
lynx aurora thunderbolt
lavry blue

when i record through the master section (via record window, record playback audio) :
usually external gear + dmg equilibrium (iir) + dmg compassion + sonnox limiter
i get dropouts on low buffer settings. dropouts happen latest after 4-5minutes of recording.
low buffer settings meaning everything below 1024 ?

i would very much like to lower the buffer size to about 256, and i think my system should be easily able to handle that…
i dont have dropouts when i do this in pro tools.

does anyone else have a similar experience, or an explanation, or any advice how to tune os x ?

thanks for any advice.

My system is totally different from yours - Win7(64), 32G ram, i7 4GHz. But, we do have the Lynx Aurora Thunderbolt in common. I find that 1024 buffer is required to get glitch free performance with WL8.5.1 and Nuendo 5.5.6. I think it may be Thunderbolt - Lynx related. I don’t have PTools for comparison, but friends tell me that they have better luck with low latency in PTools than with Steinberg.

ah thats interesting, thanks-
well then lets move this thread over to lynx :wink:

a quick update for this one:
i discussed this with the lynx tech support.
my problem probably doesn´t apply only to lynx interfaces.

the Solution is minimum audio buffer 512 and raise Buffer Number within WL to >= 32.