buffer size

Is it normal that everything crackles under 256 buffer size?I use PreSonus 1818 AudioBox VSL.Any opinion about this interface?Thanks.

It depends on lots of things!

Like what in short way?

Processor, motherboard, associated components, O/S, soundcard drivers, plugins loaded, VSTis running etc…
Phase of the moon :laughing:
None of which you list!

OK,thanks.One more ouestion:how should I find hidden Program Data folder in my computer cause I have problems with license database.I know it’s more like a software ouestion,but if someone helps…

Don’t know what you mean but click on the red “useful Info” link in my sig.

Sorry I don’t know to make clickable link for now,but if you wanna help type LCC2 in knowledge base search,there is an article about my error.